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Add Seed Shipping Costs Here

I am sorry, but this cart has very few shipping options. Therefore, you will have to manually add the number of seed packets that you are purchasing and click on the appropriate button(s) below to add the shipping charges to your cart as though it were any other item. (If you need to make 2 or more choices on this page, ie you wish to add insurance to your order, then preferably, click on the "add seed shipping charges link" again to bring you back to this page until you have added all appropriate shipping charges, or added the addition of insurance.) If you happen to come up with a blank shopping cart page, please go to the main seed page and click on the "view shopping cart" link, or click on it here View Shopping Cart as there seems to be some little glitch with the shopping cart system where ocassionally the page will come up blank. NON U.S. COUNTRIES PLEASE SCROLL DOWN.

Another postal increase today, 1/27/2019.

See below regarding Insuring your seed orders.


Note: I will ship seeds to CANADA (but no plants, Iris or bulbs); but I will only accept Canadian Postal Money Orders in U.S. Dollars. 2/13/13 - Based on a very large increase in postal shipping to Canada, Canadian customers must now pay a different set of shipping charges -- so please click on Shipping Charges, Terms and Conditions for Canadian Customers below. Canadian customers please go/read here: SHIPPING CHARGES, TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR CANADIAN CUSTOMERS

Daylily seeds, large seeds or pelleted seeds may get crushed in the postal machines. I suggest paying for insurance to insure your package. I DO NOT replace or refund for lost packages or crushed seeds. However, if you do choose to insure your package, I will not replace or refund lost packages or crushed seeds unless I receive full cooperation in making a claim with the postal service. This means that I will initiate the appropriate paperwork, and you must complete all necessary forms sent to you by the post office for making the claim. Once the proper paperwork has been completed by you and I am notified by my post office, at that time I will make either replace or refund; replace if the same seeds are available, or refund if not.

This information is the same for plants. However, most perennials are generally fine even if crushed a bit in shipping. As with seeds, I do not replace lost shipments.

NOTE: Re PAYPAL payments -- Orders are shipped to the PayPal ship to address, regardless of the address used in the shopping cart, without further notice to the customer, so please make sure your PayPal ship to address correctly matches the ship to address you use in the shopping cart.