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CALL: 765-564-9045 FOR QUESTIONS.
This is a home-based business and my personal phone as well.
I hope you will respect that.

T's Flowers & Things sells a large variety of perennial and annual seeds, including daylily seeds.   Also offered is a large selection of perennial plants, often grown, dug and divided from my own garden. Also find a nice selection of Iris plants/rhizomes, and Daylily plants.

Days and Hours: SUNDAY through FRIDAY: 8:00 am to 7:00 pm E.S.T.
Please: NO SATURDAY calls ... this is the Sabbath.

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... Please keep in mind that in the early spring and in summer as well as mid-autumn I'm very busy and will seldom post or read.   But I'm going to try to post a little in the winter if I can understand.
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A Few of My Favorite Sites:
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The Garden Web

A great place to meet gardening friends, and gain a whole lot of information
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All Things Plants, k/k/a National Garden Assoc.
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The Garden Watchdog

Check out ratings on sites like mine, and please add one too.
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Debra Turner
The lady who created my logo banner did a great job, and is highly recommended.
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Danial R. Hoyer
The guy who helped get my shopping cart set up. This is a nice little shopping cart for the price and fairly easy to set up and use. But if you need help, this guy answers emails promptly and does a great job.
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